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Client Talk can help plan, arrange and facilitate onsite and offsite strategy days or sessions.

  • Save time 

  • Have more focused discussions

  • Refine your strategy

  • Gain buy-in to your strategy

Why have a strategy day?

An important way of getting the pulse of an organisation is through taking time to talk to each other. To bounce ideas of each other. One of the biggest challenges with professional services firms is the balancing a multitude of views and opinions, not to mention busy schedules.  


Stakeholder workshops, and partner and manager away days can provide invaluable insight. They can help shape your goals, they can provide a window into the current realities, and they can provide challenge and enthusiasm for the future.


growth through strategy days

Coaching starts from the premise that the individual being coached has the key to unlock their own potential.  We believe the same is true in organisations. Your individuals – partners, leaders, aspiring leaders - know what the challenges and opportunities are that are facing your business. 


You know where you have come from.  We believe in the power of unlocking this knowledge to optimise your growth.  Sharing information helps shape the future direction of your firm. 


Where you lack clarity on what you are trying to achieve, workshops or strategy days are often a useful way of articulating a goal and reshaping it.  Workshops and strategy days can also help develop concepts and build understanding on the reality that you find yourself in and the obstacles to success.

We offer a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of our strategy days. We are one of the few providers using an innovative methodology to explore this topic.

Whether gestalt-based facilitation - which encourages an awareness of the wider system - or
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as a way to help groups think, communicate, and problem-solve at a deeper level, we are able to get your leaders thinking differently.

We enable participants to go deeper faster given our coaching foundations, which have the psychological safety of the group at the heart of what we do.

Frequently asked questions

How do we maximise the time we spend?​

We know that time spent on workshops and strategy days is time away from clients.  We make sure that the time you spend on strategy days and workshops is time well spent. 


We make sure that you come away with actions and we don’t just close the door on you when the day ends; we follow up with you at agreed intervals to make sure that the results of the day have a noticeable impact on your business.  By getting involved early on we take away some of the strain which means the time you spend can be concentrated on the day and follow-up. 

We have annual away days; how can we boost their usefulness?

We can work with you before the event to help shape the content of the day. We can also make sure that you have a defined topic that you are looking to focus on.  We bring a range of tools and techniques to challenge the way you think.  Often an external facilitator can ask the questions that you fail to ask yourselves internally and provide a different perspective.
















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