"Self awareness is a key to self mastery". Gretchen Rubin

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  • Build resilience (individual and team)

  • Improve communication skills

  • Optimise teams

  • Improve leadership

  • Increase self-awareness as an enabler for other soft skills

  • Think about business development differently


Client Talk's coaches have access to a range of profiling tools to help optimise team and individual performance.


Why is self awareness important?

Our coaches have access to a range of tools that they use when coaching individuals and teams.  Central to much of our work is self-awareness.  Increased self-awareness is understood to enable other soft skills, build emotional intelligence and is a key foundation for our work with individuals and teams.

C-Me Colour Profiling

Client Talk works with C-Me Colour Profiling. C-Me provides insights into behavioural preferences. This is important. Many tools that exist focus on personality traits: C-me is different in it’s focus on behaviours – both natural and learned. People find it easier to relate to the idea of adapting behaviours than personality traits, which is one of the reasons this is our preferred tool.

Why is C-Me different?

  • C-me is focused on behaviour rather than personality

  • C-me  is visually highly memorable  and enables easy comparison  between team members

  • The team wheel makes the balance of a team readable at a glance

  • C-me is a non-binary tool. It does not ‘put people in a box’. No set of  graphs will be identical

  • C-me is highly cost effective compared to many other profiling tools.


What options are available?

With basic reports starting from £50pp+VAT, we are sure that we will have a report that suits your requirements.  The reports that we most commonly work with are:

Basic: A short 3-page report. Excellent for those who are looking for an introduction into colour profiling.

Core: Explore key strengths, behavioural preferences and blind spots. Recommended for individuals or teams looking to increase self-awareness as a way to improve performance and increase resilience.

Sales: Recommended for business development teams and professionals who are engaged in winning work. This report highlights sales strengths and development areas.

High-performance: Recommended for individuals and teams who want to increase performance and become "high performing".

360 reports: Provides insights based not only on the individual, but also provides perspectives from colleagues, peers or other stakeholders.  Recommended for leaders who want non-judgmental feedback from team members.

To find out which report is right for you or your team, contact us.  

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