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Central to much of our work is self-awareness.  Increased self-awareness is understood to enable other soft skills, build emotional intelligence and is a key foundation for our work with individuals and teams.

Our coaches have access to a range of profiling tools to help optimise team and individual performance.

Client Talk works with C-Me Colour Profiling. C-Me provides insights into behavioural preferences. This is important. Many tools that exist focus on personality traits: C-me is different in it’s focus on behaviours – both natural and learned. People find it easier to relate to the idea of adapting behaviours than personality traits, which is one of the reasons this is our preferred tool.


  • C-me is focused on behaviour rather than personality

  • C-me  is visually highly memorable  and enables easy comparison  between team members

  • The team wheel makes the balance of a team readable at a glance

  • C-me is a non-binary tool. It does not ‘put people in a box’. No set of  graphs will be identical

  • C-me is highly cost effective compared to many other profiling tools.


With basic reports starting from £75pp+VAT, we are sure that we will have a report that suits your requirements.  The reports that we most commonly work with are: