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Client Talk is a coaching powered consultancy bringing together expert consultants and accredited coaches.

We want firms to have better relationships - inside and out. Why? Stronger relationships make for better cultures, they generate growth and they bring the joy back into business.


Our unique approach promotes active listening, leverages empathy within businesses and champions diverse thinking.

Delivering growth through training and coaching

We deliver coaching, training and client listening to drive growth in your business through insight. That might be insight at an individual, team, strategic or firm level. By working with you, using a combination of coaching and consulting, we discover where you have a competitive advantage and how you can leverage it.

Client listening feedback

At Client Talk we believe in going back to basics and asking the fundamental questions - of ourselves and our clients - to change the way we talk with our clients, but more importantly the way we listen. 


Using our client listening expertise and active listening approach we can help you gather feedback and insight from your clients. That could be through client interviews or by teaching your professionals the skills needed to listen more deeply.  

Our listening services don't stop there. We also provide internal listening, making sure that you know what your employees want to see!

Business development consultancy

If there is one area where the business and professionals need to work together to deliver on strategy, then business development is it! Our coaching powered approach to consultancy means that we have all the tools needed to generate a collaborative approach to strategy. Whether that is facilitating a strategy day using Disney Creative Strategy or LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, or providing insights to shape the future of your firm, we can make the times you come together work harder for you. 


 We can also roll our sleeves up and help you develop and implement a business development plan, put the right touchpoints in place to ensure future success, and help you manage relationships with your existing clients. 



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