A coaching powered consultancy

Human-centered - Actively listening - delivering growth


Client Talk was created to change the conversations that professional services companies are having with - and about - their clients.  We do that by promoting active listening, leveraging empathy and championing diverse thinking.  Those are both our values and our guiding principles.


Our unique approach recognises the role that professionals have in the organisation's success.  We are a consultancy powered by coaches. We are trained to listen. We are human-centered. By bringing together business development excellence with coaching we optimise performance in a way that is unique in the market.


Our aim is to drive growth through insight. That might be insight at an individual, team, strategic or firm level.  We do that through coaching (1:1 and teams), training, or listening to your clients and employees.  By working with you, using a combination of coaching and consulting, we discover where you have a competitive advantage and how you can leverage it.


We are all constantly asked to do more for less.  The environment  in which we operate is constantly changing.   Increased choice means it is becoming harder and harder to differentiate and to attract new clients; whilst at the same time client loyalty seems to be a thing of the past.  In spite of all the changes, successful marketing still comes back to the same starting point.  The client.  What they want and how to deliver what they want profitably. 


In today’s data driven world, having access to knowledge on our clients, to an ever more granular level, seems more and more attainable.  


How can you ensure that the insights you are collecting are driving growth? 


How can you be sure that the data you have is the right data? 


At Client Talk we believe in going back to basics and asking the fundamental questions - of ourselves and our clients - to change the way we talk with our clients, but, more importantly the way we listen. 


Set up an initial consulation: we would love to hear more about you and your challenges; and we can give you some insight into why we believe that coaching powered consultancies are here to stay!



Client Talk brings together expert consultants and accredited coaches. 


All our consultants have been chosen for their expertise and wisdom.  They have experience working in business or professional services firms.   Their hindsight can be your foresight.  


All our consultants are senior and experts in their fields. By understanding your goals and objectives, we can match the right expert to your project - and make sure that it is delivered with your strategy in mind.  This focus means we deliver services that will have an impact on your firm.   We strive to be an extension of your team and look to deliver lasting change for the long term.

In spite of the rise in popularity of coaching, it remains an unregulated industry and many coaches have no qualifications and no training.  Others might have taken part in a weekend course and given themself the title. We believe it is important to be fully trained and qualified. 


All our coaches are accredited. This gives you the peace of mind to know that you are working with the best. It means that they:  subscribe to a code of ethics; carry out continuous development; and have regular supervision

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I'm the founder of Client Talk.  I am a Cambridge law graduate, and qualified solicitor.  I found my passion for marketing and business development over 15 years ago and  I have worked in leading global and regional law firms across the spectrum of marketing and business development.  I  have created award winning campaigns and brought about significant positive change in the organisations  I have worked for.


My second passion is coaching.  I am an accredited coach (Practitioner Level with the EMCC) and have a postgraduate certificate in Coaching and Behaviour Change at Henley Business School. I am passionate about the power of coaching to help people "play at their best" and founded Client Talk so that I could harness those principles to help professional services companies do the same.

As my knowledge of the psychology of coaching has grown, the parallels with marketing and business development in professional services firms have become more and more pronounced.  


The success of professional services companies is closely tied to the performance of the individuals within them, the relationships they make and the mindsets they have.   My vision is to bring together the tools and techniques used in coaching to optimize individual performance and tried and tested marketing and business development strategies to optimise growth in professional services companies.  

My key influencers

David Maister - I believe the Trust Equation remains a powerful piece of learning which should be understood by all who strive to achieve trusted advisor status.  Understanding that the emotional and rational need to work together is at the heart of success for me. 

Nancy Kline -  Her approach changed the way I coach and listen.   "The quality of your attention determines the quality of the other person's thinking."  


My Dad - Who taught me at an early age that selling is all about features and benefits; long before I understood what that meant.  He reminds me to stay authentic.

My children - Who teach me the power of "why?" and the importance to always question.  They remind me that you never truly know something until you can explain it so simply that a child can understand it.