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We believe that creating a culture of belonging is good for professionals, good for firms and good for client relationships.  It is more than just an issue for HR. 

Client Talk partners with Doing Diversity Differently to help firms create better employee engagement and succeed in delivering their diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB) initiatives.

This is not just about how you set up networks and have more representation in your workplace. Do not get us wrong, that is important, but we work with firms to really do diversity differently.


Our diversity consultants and team coaches help you create environments where more people can say that they belong, and help you to truly thrive and succeed as a business.

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Our diversity consultants, team, and individual coaches can work with your firm and your professionals to help you do diversity differently. 


Getting diversity and inclusion team coaching right at all levels, from CEO to new recruits will create an inclusive workplace culture and help to build positive relationships. Our coaching approach to diversity and inclusion facilitates learning and insight for both individuals and teams. We provide a psychologically safe space to explore the difficult topics that have the biggest impact on the team or individual performance.


Diversity and inclusion coaching has been proven to:

  • Improve work performance

  • Build positive relationships between colleagues and leaders

  • Increase self-confidence and sense of belonging

  • Create an inclusive workplace culture



Diversity & inclusion workshops


Our workshops take you on a journey of discovery of the what, why, and how of diversity. We think about the different definitions of diversity and explore the concept of cognitive diversity and why this is so important.

We think about the different cases for diversity, inclusion, and belonging and uncover the various ways that clients are setting the agenda. We help teams understand why understanding this business case is just one way to help drive meaningful change in firms.

We positively work with you to give practical steps on how you can embrace diversity in your teams.   

We offer bespoke diversity and inclusion workshops, alongside our regular events calendar so get in touch if you'd like tailored D&I training.

Our D&I masterclasses offer diversity, equity, and inclusion training that utlilises coaching methods to help teams go deeper into their DEI journey.


We have outlined below the diversity and inclusion training that we currently offer. We can also tailor our diversity training to the specific needs of your team and/or business, please get in touch here if you would like a tailored quote.

  • D&I Masterclass: Diversity & Inclusion

  • D&I Masterclass: Building psychological safety in your team

  • D&I Masterclass: What's the colour of your team?

  • D&I Masterclass: Diverse Thinking



Our partnership with Doing Diversity Differently

Client Talk's partnership with Doing Diversity Differently brings together our experience working with professional services firms, with their strength in diversity consulting. This union represents the best of what diverse thinking can bring.  We challenge each other to look at problems from different perspectives and provide a unique solution for professional services firms.

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