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Coaching, training and insights for individuals and businesses - focusing on the internal relationships that power you


Whether we be thinking about human-centred leadership, team dynamics, or individual development, we recognise that the impact we have as individuals counts.


We use behavioural change theory and practice to go deeper than most. We provide learning experiences which deliver lasting change.  We want to make a difference, not just provide a course to tick a box.


Our personal and professional development training programmes deliver maximum return on your investment. How? By combining best-in-class skills training with coaching and behavioural change psychology.


Where we differ from other training providers is in our belief that to get the most from training, individuals should also be supported by coaching. Training helps to give people the skills, but coaching gives them the confidence to apply and use those skills. By combining the two you get maximum return on your investment. You get results that stick.

Our learning journeys  strengthen internal relationships.  We help individuals and teams fulfil their potential, delivering high performance and growth to their firm. 

Find out more below on how we do things a little differently from your usual training provider:


At Client Talk we create learning journeys. These provide a continuous training programme, with measurement, to help develop your professionals. We focus on the areas that your professionals need most and use coaching to reinforce what has been learnt in training.


All our training programmes and workshops have coaching at the heart of them. This is unique and what sets us apart from our competitors. It is fundamental to creating impact and change.


We use coaching tools and techniques to help leaders get the most from the conversations they are having with their teams, clients, and targets. We help build trusted advisors.  We also build the  human skills that are so often overlooked by professional services firms. 

We use coaching at 3 key stages of each skills programme:


1:1 coaching at the start of our training programmes helps to overcome any mindset issues identified during our diagnostic stage alongside any other concerns or fears that need to be addressed.


We also employ motivational interviewing techniques during our training sessions if there are professionals who are disengaged or feel ‘made to attend training’ and lack the desire to be there.


We use a group coaching session at the mid-way point of all Client Talk training programmes. 

During this session, professionals learn from each other. They discuss progress made and help each other with any particular stumbling blocks. This helps cement the learning from training and encourage the sharing of best practice.


We make sure that individuals are committed to continuing practicing and using the skills we have taught them during the training session.

Where personal plans have been made, we talk through these with professionals to make sure that they are motivated to use the skills they have learned during training.  This builds commitment and it is where you will get the most return on your investment in training. 


Our 90-minute masterclasses are an ideal way to start to experience the combined power of training and coaching.  Whilst these courses are ready to go, we always make sure that the language we use fits with your firm and we make sure we are clear on your specific objectives beforehand - tweaking the courses as appropriate so they feel made-to-measure, but are delivered at an off-the-rack price.


















When professional services firms look for training, there is often a dilemma that arises. Do you go with an off-the-shelf solution, which is tried and tested and likely cheaper, or, do you go with bespoke.


Bespoke training might be more expensive, but it will be guaranteed to meet your objectives.

All our training has been designed with professional services firms in mind. Given our focus on behavioural change, all of our courses or coaching also are tailored to reflect our client’s objectives. We make sure to use language that make sense within the context of your business.


Why? Simply it is the best way to connect with participants and drive change. What that means is that even our off-the-shelf training feels bespoke.

Bespoke training is a personalised approach to development that tailors the learning experience and journey to meet the specific needs of the firm and its professionals. These journeys take into account things that are “above and below the surface” so we work with you to understand the culture of your firm and how that relates to what you are trying to achieve. We also have psychological safety front-of-mind.


We work with firms to create unique learning journeys which get maximum support and deliver results. These can take many forms including face-to-face and virtual sessions, peer coaching sessions and exercises. We make sure that we create a cohort that learns together so that there is a continuation of the journey after we depart.

Bespoke training can deliver results. It can also deliver secondary results – increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. With our focus on relationships (both inside the firm and with external stakeholders) an investment in training and development can help drive not just insight, but also growth.


Our LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® sessions always prove to be a popular choice! The mix of fun and insight means that these sessions are ideal for team-building days and activities.


We take a facilitation approach that doesn’t skimp on the fun but can be used to generate some serious insights for you and your team.  Learning doesn't have to be boring to be effective - we use hard play, backed by science, to create learning journeys with a difference.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® team building


Whether you are looking for team-building activities that allow you to be creative with your strategy, solve a problem, or talk about an issue in a slightly different way, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® might be just what you are looking for!


We work with facilitators trained in this method, which means we can offer the best of what this approach can bring.

To find out how a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® could help you and your team please get in touch to discuss your requirements and book a free initial consultation...


What teams want from away-days is something where everyone is included, a sense of purpose, and for the day to help build company culture. We consider all of these elements when creating team-days for our clients.

Delivering teambuilding for lasting results


When facilitating team-days we are able to go deep quickly. We are skilled at creating a space where participants feel able to share. We are able to combine creativity and connection, with purpose and insight.


Many individuals who are certified Lego Serious Play trainers, are not accredited coaches. This means that, whilst they can use the tool, they are not able to unlock its full potential. When using Lego Serious Play, and all the other tools available to us, we focus on lasting change.

Research has show that in the UK alone, £200 million is spent annually on away-days, and over 50% isn’t working. 

team building


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