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With hybrid working resulting in teams spending less time face-to-face in the office, there is an
increased need for activities that bring everyone together. 

Traditional away days and team-building exercises focused on delivering social activities (think raft building and obstacle courses) that filled some time in the agenda (usually around food) to thank teams for their work over the year.

These socialising days worked for an annual get-together when the serious stuff was being dealt with in the office, but post-pandemic team-building exercises have so many more boxes to tick. For some remote teams, it might be the only chance they have of being in the same room. The learning and benefits need to translate back into the virtual world.

​Fun is important when team building, but we believe that fun can also lead to increased awareness, better teams, and a stronger focus on strategy. Whether you want to find out how your team can work more efficiently together, solve a problem or create a strategy, we have a range of options available to you, including:

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Giving your team building day a diversity and inclusion focus can help your firm bring to life what you are doing in this area.

From an introduction to diversity, providing a common language for your firm to use, through to using  Lego ® Serious Play ® as a way to talk about the challenges your firm faces, with regards to diversity and inclusion, we have a range of coaching methodologies available to create a team building day with purpose.

Using coaching we can raise awareness about the diversity that already exists within your firm or organisation, or think about how to have challenging conversations. 


We will work with you to achieve your goals to ensure that you get the most from the time spent. Coaching is about lasting change, so what we can promise you is that this isn’t about DEI box ticking or a “one and done” approach.

It is about providing a moment in your journey to pause and to provide actions that can be carried forward.



Our LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® sessions have proved very popular already this year! The mix of fun and insight means that these sessions are ideal for team-building days and activities.


We take a facilitation approach that doesn’t skimp on the fun but can be used to generate some serious insights for you and your team.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® team building


Whether you are looking for team-building activities that allow you to be creative with your strategy, solve a problem, or talk about an issue in a slightly different way, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® might be just what you are looking for!


We work with facilitators trained in this method, which means we can offer the best of what this approach can bring.

To find out how LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® could help you and your team please get in touch to discuss your requirements and book a free initial consultation...
color me


Our team building activities can include colour profiling. When used across a team, colour profiling can help communication, provide insight into culture, strengths, areas of development and help increase cohesion.

Colour profiling team building

Client Talk works with C-Me Colour Profiling. C-Me provides insights into behavioural preferences. This is important. Many tools that exist focus on personality traits: C-me is different in it’s focus on behaviours – both natural and learned. People find it easier to relate to the idea of adapting behaviours than personality traits, which is one of the reasons this is our preferred tool.

More information on how colour profiling can help your business can be found here.


We offer a range of masterclasses that can form a central part of a team building day.


Whether you are looking for a course focused on diversity & inclusion, business development training, or you want to find out about how a coaching toolkit could help your business, we can work with you to create a masterclass that will bring your team together and help it grow your firm.

To find out how our masterclasses could help you and your team please get in touch to discuss your requirements and book a free initial consultation...


There is increased recognition that Emotional Intelligence is important. Professionals have IQ in
spades, but where are they with their EQ and how do you build the skills needed to improve it?


We can focus on all aspects of EQ in strategy days (empathy, awareness, self-management, relationship

To find out how our training could help you and your team please get in touch to discuss your requirements and book a free initial consultation...

What objectives can a team-building exercise satisfy?

  • Help remote teams work better together

  • Develop strategy

  • Increase team performance

  • Increase inclusion in diverse teams

  • Build psychological safety

  • Improve communication

  • Resolve conflict

  • Boost morale

  • Improve relationships

  • Strengthen employer brand

  • Develop new skills (including emotional intelligence based)

  • Improve motivation

  • Leadership development
















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