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Coaching powered consultancy


​We are a coaching powered-consultancy and coaching tools, techniques, and the psychology of coaching form the basis of a lot of what we do. It is our energy source.  The coaches we use are accredited.  The main coaching membership bodies adhere to the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors, and Supervisors and will require their members to adhere to the Code. 

At Client Talk, we have made a commitment to adhere to the Global Code of Ethics whether we are in a formal coaching relationship or not.  This means the Code governs all our dealings with clients, whether we are delivering our training or consultancy services. 

You can download the full code here. 

Key things to note

By adhering to this code we are committed to following the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality in all of our dealings with clients.  

We demonstrate respect for the variety of practices used by other individuals in the profession and all the different ethically informed approaches to coaching, mentoring, and supervision, including the use of data technologies and AI.

All our team will abide by their respective bodies’ statements and policies on inclusion, diversity, social responsibility, and climate change.  If they are not a coach, and therefore not accredited, they will follow the policy of the EMCC.

All of our team commit to ongoing learning and supervision. 


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