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Catch up on your listening/reading/viewing this summer with our Summer Playlist!

Whilst it might seem that term time with children is particularly busy and full of commitments - both work and otherwise - we've actually found that the summer holidays are proving to require a new level of focus on our roles as parents and caregivers.

Perhaps you too, like us, are taking some time to focus more on the personal side of things this summer - maybe even focusing on some much-needed 'you' time?

For whatever reason that business might be taking a bit of a backseat in the near future we've compiled a short series of summer playlists that you can dip into when you have the opportunity.

There's content to read, watch and listen to around the topics of coaching, client listening, and diversity & inclusion.


What's the difference between coaching & mentoring?

Learning the art of not being right

Introvert or extrovert: Why understanding the difference matters

The importance of being aware

SUMMER PLAYLIST: Client Listening

How to get partners to say yes

The importance of consistency

Listening with ting

Using technology to power your listening

Pushing boundaries

SUMMER PLAYLIST: Diversity & inclusion

We hope you find time to listen/read/watch but also to recharge and reassess! We'd love to hear your thoughts on any of these topics.


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