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Remote working: An opportunity for growth?

As the country finds itself in a period of uncertainty, and many firms are asking employees to reduce the time spent in meetings, as well as putting restrictions on events that can be attended, remote working has become a reality for many.

For some remote working is the norm already – for others it offers a welcome break from the daily commute – however, for many the uncertainty and change can be unsettling. This is compounded by the anxiety and concern that many people have around COVID-19 (the Coronavirus). Making sure that you and your team are well, both physically and mentally, is, rightly, a top priority for team leaders.

The current situation offers a unique opportunity for teams and individuals to focus on personal growth and to make time for learning and reflection. This not only provides many long-term benefits, both personal and organisational, but it can also support leaders who are looking for ways to reduce some of the anxiety levels being experienced and help provide a way to maintain a sense of team unity.

Learning and growth

In Mindset, Dr. Carol Dweck encourages us to think: "What are the opportunities for learning and growth today? For myself? For the people around me?"

Take time to reflect on what you could learn today that will be of benefit to your future self. What do you try and attempt but end up saying “if only I had the time to do …..”.

Raid the online bookshops for books to support you on your journey. We recommend Dr. Carol Dweck’s Mindset as one for the list! Ask colleagues what they recommend and perhaps think about starting an online book-club with your team to discuss titles that might be beneficial to your work. This will help you feel connected with colleagues as you work in different locations and give you a reason to connect as a team. Sharing the learning across the team is a good way to cement what you have read.

Virtual coaching

When will you next have the gift of thinking time?

The benefits of coaching are wide ranging and coaching in professional services is becoming ever more prevalent. One of the things that often gets in the way of coaching is time. Working from home and staying away from events, frees up time that you might otherwise not have had.

Extroverts – those who draw their energy from others – might be struggling the most with remote working. They will miss the interaction and buzz that they gained from being in an office. Coaching provides an excellent way to energize, bounce thoughts off someone and to gain insight.

What is virtual coaching?

Virtual coaching provides all the benefits of face-to-face coaching from the comfort of your front room. Virtual coaching is coaching that is conducted by any virtual means. That could be over the phone, or via video conference.

Virtual coaching has been found to produce the same level of results as face-to-face coaching. Indeed, some coaches report that coaching leaders in a space that is comfortable to them and which is removed from their usual work setting, can help leaders feel more at ease and therefore allows them to be challenged more and to think differently. All of our coaches offer virtual coaching. To find out more about coaching contact us and we can arrange for a no-obligation callback to tell you more.

Virtual training

Another way to engage your team is through virtual training. As with the book-clubs, make time to connect together afterwards as a team to discuss the learning and think of ways that you can apply it to your firm.

There is a plethora of free videos on You Tube and there are providers who offer training videos that can be downloaded and then shared across the team. Our favourite place to start for inspiration is the TED talk series on You Tube.

Alternatively, you might want to substitute learning that would otherwise have happened at events with some virtual learning. For example, Client Talk provides live virtual training across a range of business development and marketing topics. Connecting teams with virtual learning experiences can be a great way to make sure your team are sharing common experiences. Find out more about our virtual training by contacting us.

Not sure where to start?

If you want to offer something that will be of use to your team and just don’t know where to start, Client Talk has developed a business development diagnostic which might help. The diagnostic draws on behavioural change theory to help you take the pulse of the professionals in your organisation. It provides a snapshot of where your professionals are against four key metrics:

  • Skills

  • Motivation

  • Mindset, and

  • Understanding of strategy.

It helps give you areas to focus on and areas of opportunity. It can help you shape your learning and support for 2020 and can give you some insight into how to drive engagement in business development in your firm. And, of course, it can all be researched and delivered virtually.

Get in touch to find out how we can help.



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