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Who are Client Talk? Interview with Claire Rason

Claire Rason was interviewed for the Autumn 2019 issue of Centrum - the Professional Service's Marketing Group's magazine. Claire discusses strategy, emotional intelligence, the importance of learning from other disciplines and how her career brought her to found Client Talk.

We have reproduced her fun facts here:

Best bit of advice you’ve been given?

Follow your heart.

Best bit of advice you’d give someone at the start of their career?

Don’t assume what you do today is what you will do tomorrow; sometimes the journey is unexpected. Find what fits you now, learn as much as you can and never be afraid to ask if you’re unsure of something.

Biggest mistake?

I was a trainee solicitor, in my first week, I had been given the task of preparing and sending out some contracts for signature. I proceeded to send out a stack of contracts before realising that I had put the wrong name in for one of the parties. They had all gone out by post and I had the mortifying experience of having to call each signatory and ask for the contracts to be put in the bin (all the while sitting in a room with my supervising partner looking on). It taught me a number of things – to learn from my mistakes (I never did that again), that things are never as bad as you expect when you own up and the importance of getting the basics right.

Business hero?

Dame Helena Morrissey. Partly because she makes my four children seem like a lame number. Mainly because of the work she has done championing the 30 percent club) - which is something I could wax lyrical about. I think women need more successful role models to aspire to and she ticks the box for me.

Best holiday destination?

Chile. It has is all – sun, sea, mountains, deserts, glaciers – but most importantly it has some of my dearest friends.


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