At Client Talk we have taken one of the leading coaching models - GROW - used for unlocking potential, optimising growth and achieving results and applied it to professional services organisations. 


Applying  this framework, we look to drive growth through insight.  We leverage insight through marketing and business development strategy, tools and tactics. 


We know that growth requires individual performance as well as corporate action in professional services companies. 


It is the professionals that hold the key to success and so we look to optimise individual performance through skills training and coaching.


Driving growth through insight


Understanding what you want to achieve is the first step to getting you there.  We work with you to provide challenge and clarity.


Insights can highlight where your organisation stands against where it wants to be.  We are trained to listen and hold up a mirror to the now.


When a goal and insight come together, the next step is to explore the  available options.  We never provide insight without also providing recommendations. 

Way forward

Having an informed strategy and implementing it is key to achieving growth.  Our approach recognises that both the organisation and individuals have a part to play in success.