• How good are professional firms at listening to their clients?

  • What is the alternative to being client centric ?

  • How important is engagement in business development?

  • How good are we at listening to each other?


We have been talking to in-house marketing teams, partners and clients to find out!  Download a free copy of our report to see what really drives growth in professional services firms.   


In our comprehensive report:

Part 1 -  we explore whether we are listening to our clients.  We discover what really drives growth in professional services firms and find out whether being client centric is enough to outperform our competitors.  

Part 2  - we look specifically at what it is about engagement in business development that drives growth.  We discover why engagement is the missing ingredient in our so called “growth equation”. 

Part 3 - we spoke to in-house marketing teams to understand what challenges they faced, as well as asking professionals what it was that helped to engage them.  We also asked clients what they wanted to see from professional services firms and spoke to coaches about how to overcome some of the barriers.  We used this insight to develop Client Talk’s 4Cs model of working with professionals. 


Sometimes, recognising what is right for the client is hard to achieve on a personal level. However, to be meaningful, a listening exercise should serve the client.