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Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Our core business development skills programme reinvents the term "Rainmaker". The traditional image of a rainmaker can be unhelpful to professionals trying to find their way in business development. We turn it on its head. Making rainmakers is not about creating an army of clones. It is also not about creating rainmakers in the traditional sense. It is about using coaching tools and techniques to leverage individual strengths; creating an army of unique business developers. In this course, we will : - Learn how to build a personal brand; - Explore what you need to know about presenting; - Take a journey to understand what thought leadership is and how you can become a thought leader - or indeed use the thought leadership that your firm produces; - Think about the human skills needed to succeed; and finally, - We will be pulling it all together by creating your own personal business development plan. The course includes: - 5 different instructional videos - A workbook - Together the video content and workbook provide 5 hours of learning (whether the course is taken individually or whether the material is used to facilitate group learning) - A template for developing personal business development plans - Quizzes to consolidate learning and deepen thinking - Exclusive access to our personal business development template




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