• Fee earners who engage in business development help grow your firm

  • Our approach doesn’t only provide professionals with the skills they need, it also provides them with the motivation to act

  • Makes your strategy work harder for you

  • Human-centered skills are perhaps some of the most important for professionals looking to achieve that holy grail of "trusted advisor"

We have a series of workshops that will provide professionals with the tools they need whatever the stage of their career. We use behavioural change theory to go deeper than most training providers. We want to make a difference, not just provide a course to tick a box.

Providing motivation and skills​

We believe that to get the most from training, individuals should also be supported by coaching.  Training helps to gives people the skills.  Coaching gives them the confidence to apply and use those skills.  By combining the two you get maximum return on your investment in training.


We provide a continuous programme of learning, with measurement, to help develop your professionals. We focus on the areas that your professionals need most and use coaching to reinforce what has been learnt in training.

We use coaching at 3 key stages of each skills programme:


At the start: 1:1 coaching at the start of the programme helps to overcome any mindset issues identified in the Business Development Diagnostic, as well address any concerns or fears that need to be addressed.  We are also able to draw on motivational interviewing techniques where professionals feel they are being made to attend training and lack the desire to be there.


Mid way:  We use a group coaching session at the mid-way point.  Here, professionals learn from each other. They discuss progress made and help with any particular stumbling blocks. This helps cement learning and encourage the sharing of best practice.


At the end: We make sure that individuals are committed to continue practicing and using the skills taught.  Where personal plans have been made, we talk through these with professionals to make sure that they are motivated to use the skills learnt.


What sets a good professional apart from a great one? 


When clients come to professional services companies it is a given that the professional is an expert in their field – be that law, accountancy, PR, economics, property or environmental. However, as clients are faced with more and more choice, they are also expecting their advisors to be more than merely experts in their field.  


Advisors are expected to be commercial and understand their client’s business. You need to know how your advice impacts your client’s strategy and help enable it. 

It is not enough that you are a “good lawyer” or the “go to for tax advice” you need to be able to lead a team, to influence and develop others. 

As professional services companies are struggling to find their point of difference, professionals are also being asked to be innovators and disruptive. The new generation of professionals needs to be able to market and sell their business. 

What sets a good professional apart from a great one is that they have skills beyond that which is their core business.  They have a growth mindset and are constantly looking to learn and evolve.


Our unique diagnostic tool


Client Talk has created a unique diagnostic tool which draws on behavioural change theory to help you take the pulse of your professionals.


It provides a snapshot of where your professionals are against four key metrics:

  • skills

  • motivation

  • mindset, and

  • understanding of strategy. 


It has been designed to be easy to use but to empower you to be able to generate the best return on investment.  It's a simple tool that provides powerful insight.  To find out more contact us.


We provide training that is relevant not only for your professionals but also for your organisation

We don't want to provide training in a vacuum. We work with you to understand where you are in your training journey and to understand what will best help enhance your organisation's performance. All our courses are tailored to meet your firms needs.


We also use our Business Development Diagnostic to understand where the gaps are to help focus our programmes on your needs. We will use our listening skills as coaching to understand what you want to achieve and the motivations for using us. We will define the critical success factors from the beginning and make sure we deliver on those.


Examples of some of the courses we can run are for professionals are:


Essential skills for the professional who is starting out

We offer a series of courses aimed at those starting their career as a professional.  These cover the basic skills that young professionals need to understand and develop throughout their careers. 

  • Content and thought leadership

  • Networking 

  • Presentation skills 

  • Writing for the web

Making rainmakers – the next generation of leaders 

We have courses for your aspiring leaders who are managing the transition from manager to leader.  These workshops build on the skills that leaders will have picked up through their career and focus on the additional skills that will be needed to bring in clients and develop your firm.  


  • Active listening

  • Building your pipeline 

  • How to influence

  • How to sell 

  • Personal branding and impact

  • Presentation skills 

  • Understanding leadership 

It’s tough at the top 

Being a partner or director at a professional services firm is as challenging as it is rewarding.  Our tough at the top workshops are interactive and intended to maximise performance and get the most from your firm's strategy.  These courses work best alongside executive coaching to truly help you play at your best.   

  • Client management

  • Consultative selling 

  • How to conduct relationship reviews 

  • Growth mindsets 

  • Managing diverse teams

  • Personal branding and impact 

  • Thought leaderships - how to excel

Coaching skills 

Listening is a skill that is often overlooked. However, being a good communicator is at the heart of getting the most from every conversation.  Our workshops use coaching tools and techniques to help leaders get the most from the conversations they are having with their teams, clients and targets.  

Diversity & Inclusion 

We believe that creating a culture of belonging is good for professionals, good for firms and good for client relationships.  It is more than just an issue for HR. 


We work with diversity consultants and team coaches to help you create environments where more people can say that they belong, to help you to truly thrive and succeed. 


Our workshops take you on a journey of discovery of the what, why and how of diversity. We think about the different definitions of diversity and explore the concept of cognitive diversity and why this is so important. We think about the business case for diversity and uncover the various ways that clients are setting the agenda. Finally, we can work with you to give practical steps on how you can embrace diversity in your teams.   



Skills for marketing and business development teams

Working as an in-house marketeer or business developer requires skills that go beyond the technical. 


Collaboration and getting professionals "to do BD" is a big part of the job. 


We have developed a 4C model of how marketing teams can best  drive engagement.


To find out more download our report or  contact us

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