"Understand the customer so well the service sells itself" Drucker


  • Get more return on your marketing spend 

  • Increase brand awareness and the likelihood of being chosen

  • Deliver what clients want profitably

We focus on understanding your business, helping you understand your clients and work towards creating a clear and achievable path to the future.  Our aim is to help you grow by giving clients a reason to choose you.  We can define, refine or help you implement your marketing strategy.

Define your marketing strategy

Drucker famously said that ““The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”  Today, where choice abounds, market consolidation is a constant, and new entrants are seemingly appearing from everywhere; the importance of understanding your client and your value have never been so relevant. 

Branding, positioning, marketing mix, UX, CX, productisation, segmentation, targeting, positioning….the list goes on.  At Client Talk we cut through the jargon to provide you with clarity and a way forward that focuses on the long term. 

Our consultants will:

  • Help you focus

  • Provide a strategy that is realistic to implement 

  • Help you formulate your value proposition 

  • Help you differentiate yourself

  • Help you understand your brand (identity, culture, values)


Many professional services companies have no formal marketing strategy. Yet they exist, they win work, they are creating teams and a brand.  Why? 


Often professional services companies are built on the personal brand of a rainmaker, or rainmakers. Relationships are strong, thought leadership is a given, and work is won because the individual is trusted.

Often professional services companies are doing tactical marketing.  They have a website, they have marketing literature, they have a visual brand, they are raising awareness of their organisation through events and networking.  The question then is, why the need for a strategy?

A marketing strategy helps to take firms to the next level and future proof a business. A strategy moves from the tactical (what it needed to win work today) to the long term.  It helps to bottle and leverage the individual personal strengths of rainmakers and endow some of those characteristics on others within the organisation.  A strategy helps to clarify and focus. It helps to increase ROI on marketing spend because there is an understanding of direction and the clients that the organisation wants to keep and those that it wants to win.

We don’t have a formal strategy and we are winning work, why do I need one?


Refine your marketing strategy

We can provide health checks to help you refine your strategy.  We can review the strategies you currently have in place and explore what is and isn’t working. We will carry out research on how your brand is seen internally and externally by speaking to your staff, clients, targets or referrers.  


By being independent and introducing concepts commonly seen in coaching, we can help you understand if you are where you want to be and work with you to refine your strategy and address the gaps.

Listening to clients will help an organisation understand what it is already doing well, and whether the organisation’s vision for the future is something they will buy into and support.


"We asked Client Talk to review our digital offerings - website, newsletters, social media, etc - and we were impressed with the report. They have a thorough understanding of digital platforms and their recommendations were well thought through and practical. We look forward to continuing to work with Client Talk."


David Murray, Business Magazine

Implementing your marketing strategy

I have a strategy and a plan of action.  We can’t afford to bring in lots of agencies, what can you do to help us?

We can help you implement your strategy.  We work with a network of experts, so you get the best-in-class support, without needing to instruct a raft of agencies.  We know that marketing budgets can be tight and that you don’t always need outside support.   In order to get the best price many agencies require that you sign up to an expensive monthly retainer. 


With Client Talk you can tap into specialists when you need them without having to search for a new trusted provider each time.  We strive to understand what you are trying to achieve and make sure that everything you do works with your overall objectives. We never suggest a course of action because it works for us, we want it to work for you.

We can help with:

  • Campaigns

  • Digital marketing audits and strategy

  • Events

  • Outsourced marketing team 

  • Podcasts

  • Social media

  • Webinars