As a small business we are having to adapt over this period of uncertainty.  We are offering a reduced service over the coming months so that we can offer our clients what they need most, while at the same time ensuring that our coaches and consultants can work flexibly around their families and their communities.

Please refer to our insights page where we will post events and articles that you might find helpful.  Our business is to listen.  If you have concerns and want to talk then please reach out to us at this challenging time.

Please bear with us if we take longer than usual to answer your queries.  


What this pandemic is showing us, is that we are all connected. People sensed that before, but the current landscape is showing us that on a grand scale. It is also showing us that empathy and listening to people is more important than ever. Whilst technology can help us to work remotely, it is the stories and the people that are shining through. The need to connect with others, even if remotely, is as strong as ever.

Clients are facing a very different future and will have very different concerns than they did a few months ago. We should be focused on how we can walk shoulder to shoulder with them. We should be constantly speaking to them and walking the path with them.  We must be empathetic, so that we can help clients find ways to navigate the uncertainty.

Having everyone work together is going to be key.  Messages need to be coordinated. Communication needs to be clear.  Professionals need to speak with their clients and feedback internally.  Anxiety among professionals about “doing BD” and what is right will be acute.  However, the focus for the coming months should be on listening to clients and adapting. That is business development too. Developing the trust that is so important in relationships and so important now.

Here at Client Talk we help professionals be better listeners to change the conversations they are having with their clients. If you want to talk about how we can help you navigate the coming months then please contact us.


From the start, virtual coaching has been an important part of what we do.  Coaching helps professionals find the solutions that work for them.  In the current period, that is going to be really important for people who find themselves in a different reality. 


Working from home might have been something you were used to. Working from home with a spouse/partner and potentially children who need not only home schooling but also support to keep anxiety at bay is another thing entirely.  Others might have elderly parents or others in their life who need looking after in a way they didn't just weeks ago.  Finding coping strategies is going to be vital for well-being.

Coaching can help provide a way to cope .  Please contact us to find out more or visit our coaching services page.  We will be offering virtual coaching at a reduced rate of £300 + VAT per 60 minute session for the coming months.  Exceptionally, we will offer one-off sessions because we realise that for some, all you might need is a boost to set you off  for what lies ahead.

Getting to grips with the virtual

Going virtual over the coming months is going to be more important than ever. Our consultants can help you pack a punch in a webinar, produce a podcast, or help you think about the content you are writing.


To discuss your specific needs with us please contact us