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What is the impact of Covid-19 on this paper?

Whilst it was just a few months ago that I was researching and writing this paper, the world we now find ourselves in is very different.  The thoughts contained here have been drawn from my, and my contributors’, experience over many years.  We have seen a financial crash and recessions, and whilst not on this scale, lessons have been learnt from peaks and troughs.  The lessons are perhaps less important when you are riding the crest of a wave, they are more important to take heed of when you come rolling down. 

What I believe this pandemic is showing us is, that we are all connected.  People sensed that before, but I think the current landscape is showing us that on a grand scale.  It is also showing us that empathy and listening to people is more important than ever.  Whilst technology can help us to work remotely, it is the stories and the people that are shining through. The need to connect with others, even if remotely, is as strong as ever.

There have been reams of comments and posts on social media.  I have seen good and bad.  Leading the pack are firms empathising with sectors who will be particularly hard hit, posting suggestions on how to support them (paying invoices early, buying gift cards for future use) and those firms providing free advice on how to help employees in the coming months.  The worse? Someone making an ill-timed joke about insolvency which showed little empathy for business owners and the thousands of employees facing an uncertain future.

At the heart of this paper is the theme of listening. To clients, to each other.  I believe that is truer today than ever before.  We need to listen with empathy to those around us.  We need to be better listeners if we are to see our way through together.

Claire Rason, Founder